Study subject enrollment

Thanks to «BioEq» big database we are able to recruit healthy volunteers within a short period of time. Thanks to our call center we can organize screening visits very quickly. We have full time recruiting staff.

We can recruit the following subjects:

Different ways to attract volunteers and patients are used. Potential trial subjects may be recruited
  • from electronic database of people who have indicated their willingness to take part in a trial;
  • by advertisements in a newspaper on a website;
  • by word of mouth; or
  • by referral from another doctor or volunteer
«BioEq» team makes sure that the volunteers are capable of giving valid consent; and have been fully and properly informed so that they understand the nature and purpose of the trial; any risks, either known or suspected, and any inconvenience, discomfort or pain that they are likely to experience; that they can withdraw at any time and without giving a reason; and that the investigator may withdraw them at any time if they not follow the protocol or if their health is at risk.

«BioEq» responsibility is to make sure that all the rights of study participants are protected.