Clinical Study for the Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Clinical research center «BioEq» offers patients to participate in the phase I comparative research of the drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis of moderate of severe forms. «BioEq» invites patients with inadequate response to treatment with the TNF antagonists and receiving background treatment with methotrexate.

Investigational Product: Rituximab (infusion solution). 

Research duration: 1 year. Patient should pay 18 visits to the center. 

All examinations and medications are provided on a free of charge basis. «BioEq» provides taxi for all visits, except the first one. 

We invite men and women starting from 18 years old with: 

  •          Active rheumatoid arthritis of moderate/severe forms
  •          Diagnosed intolerance or inadequate response to the treatment, which contains at least one TNF antagonist (Remicade, Simponi, etc.) 

If you are interested in this research or you have questions about participation, you can contact us during the business days from 10 am to 6 pm at  8-812-945-22-32