«BioEq» is launching new clinical studies

«BioEq» is initiating severalnew clinical studies at its facilities. «BioEq» is the first commercial clinical pharmacology unit for early phase clinical studies (in healthy volunteers and in patients) of medicinal products in Russia. The unit was established in 2012 with the support of BioFund RVC. The clinic set up the needed facilities and infrastructure within 1, 5 years. «BioEq» obtained the medical license and accreditation for the right to conduct clinical studies in the 2nd quarter of 2014. The center started its full operation in June 2014.

«BioEq» has created a blend of conventional tactics and innovative approach to find the right patients and subjects for Sponsors’ clinical programs – from oncology and specific populations to healthy volunteer studies.

One of the important «BioEq» operation areas is first-in-human studies, including studies in healthy volunteers and patients. At the moment, the team is conducting a first-in-human study of a biosimilar product in healthy subjects. There are other four ongoing first-in-human studies in oncology in the following indications: cancer-induced bone disease, non-small cells lung cancer, ovarian cancer, metastatic solid tumours. «BioEq» has already enrolled over 20 patients in these studies. «BioEq» also participates in two phase III studies in metastatic non-small cells lung cancer and allergic asthma.

By September 2014, «BioEq» has completed five bioequivalence studies. In October, «BioEq» is initiating several new bioequivalence studies including two studies to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics profile of drugs used in CNS disorders treatment, two studies with anti-infectives, two trials with antiulcer drugs. The total number of volunteers in the studies is over 150.

«BioEq» has been actively taking more recognition among pharmaceutical companies, and occupying its niche on the clinical studies market. Together with a partnering CRO, «BioEq» can perform full suite of clinical research services.

«BioEq» works with several top ten pharmaceutical companies as well as Russian biotechnology companies.