The Company «BioEq» Hit the Top Five Most Demanded Dedicated Research Sites in 2017

The clinical research market in Russia is shaped by the Soviet experience of medical industry development, which followed the principles of advancement of big state multipurpose research centers and conferring them significant administrative resources. That is why the rise of a private research center «BioEq» to the level of state giants is not just a recognition of high proficiency, but also an acknowledgement of effectiveness of our business-model, which is focused on quality control and flexible approach to clients’ needs. «BioEq» is the first Russian dedicated clinical research unit for conduct of clinical research of early and late phases and bioequivalence studies, located in St Petersburg.

Clinical research in Russia is still developing and the country occupies the 23rd place in the ranking of most advanced European clinical research markets. The Russian market has a great developmental potential and there are more than 1000 clinics and medical sites that have certification for clinical trials conduct. The Orange Paper by Synergy Research Group reports that in the first and third quarters of 2017, «BioEq» hit the top five most demanded clinical research units for bioequivalence studies and phase I research.[1]

Despite the average advancement of the Russian clinical research market, it is very competitive and companies do their utmost to hit the top five. The clear majority of clinical trials are conducted in phase III and bioequivalence studies. The growth rate of phase III research and bioequivalence studies is 13% in three years. The number of phase I research is also constantly growing. Statistics for three years demonstrate that in the period from the 1st quarter of 2014 to the 2nd quarter of 2017, Russian research sites conducted 977 bioequivalence studies, 197 phase I research, 294 phase II investigations, 1246 phase II research, and only 92 phase IV studies. [2]

The center «BioEq» accounts for a significant number of conducted trials. For 3,5 years of operating activity the center was contracted more than 165 studies. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, the clear majority of approved trials was in phase I and bioequivalence research. It resulted in the rise of «BioEq» to the top five Russian research sites, calculated on the basis of approved studies per center.

The secret of «BioEq»’s» efficacy is not only in assurance of safety and high quality of services, but also in our scalable research model: every day we are increasing the number of research subjects, reducing enrolment periods, and improving the quality of provided data. We are constantly advancing our center and thus assuring the quality, control, and compliance to all regulations, ethical norms, and ICH GCP requirements.

«BioEq» thanks the Synergy Research Group team for statistics and congratulates all participants on achieving top results!


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