«BioEq» has conducted research on drugs for treatment of solid tumors

Studies of several new medicines for treatment of solid tumors are being completed now at «BioEq» clinical pharmacology unit.

«BioEq» partners have been the largest pharmaceutical companies – leaders in the field of malignant tumors treatment.

Cancer has become a global problem of today. The number of registered patients with cancer is steadily increasing. Every 30 seconds, one cancer patient dies. According to WHO, Russia is among the 5 countries with the highest disease incidence. Only St. Petersburg and Leningrad region account for over 110 thousand officially registered cancer patients. Epidemiological data show the figure is actually much higher.

During the clinical studies with new drugs for the treatment of cancer, it was shown that the condition of most patients had been improved. The patients shared that participation in such projects, being under the constant supervision of doctors has brought significant benefit to them. During the research, oncologists provided professional consultancy on traditional and alternative treatment methods.

At the moment, in addition to Russian pharmaceutical companies «BioEq» successfully works with several leading foreign companies. «BioEq» participation in their research programmes is due to already gained international credibility of this Russian research unit.