«BioEq» is a purpose built research unit for phase I-IV and bioequivalence trials.

The 60-bed unit is located in the city center of St. Petersburg.

«BioEq» is located in a building of 2000 square meters. The site has a medical license and a clinical trials permit (clinical trials accreditation).

The access to «BioEq» facilities is limited and restricted to «BioEq» personnel.

The building meets local planning requirements and health and safety requirement.

The unit has self-reliant 24/7 acute emergency services and intensive care unit.

The building has wide doorways and corridors to allow paitients in a wheelchait or on a stretcher to be moved easily.

«BioEq» have a backup supply in case of power outage or black outs.

We have special facilities for the collection of hazardous and clinical waste. We have special rooms for medical waste disposal and recycling.

All the clinical, pharmacy, laboratory, administration, catering and toilet areas are separate from each other.

The building has designated laboratory areas where blood, urine and other body fluids are handled.

«BioEq» facilities are designed in such a ways that several trials can be performed at the same time at separate facilities.

The phase I unit has separate areas for medical examinations, to ensure privacy.

«BioEq» has its own Local Ethics Committee or LEC for clinical studies review and approval.

Facilities and departments

  • Facilities for trial discussion and Informed Consent Form
  • Out-patient department
  • In-patient department
  • Acute emergency services and intensive care unit
  • Oncology department
  • Somatic department
  • Department of Healthy Subjects Studies
  • Nursing unit
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Medical examination room
  • Medical procedures room
  • Blood processing and storage rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • Special facilities for the collection of hazardous and clinical waste
  • Archive
  • Rooms for CRAs
  • Rooms for study coordinators and data entry operators.

Facility equipment

  • 12-lead ECG machines
  • Intensive care equipment
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Spirometer
  • Сold centrifuges, refrigerators from -20 to -80
  • Shelves and fridges for medicine storage
  • Vital Sign machines
  • Pulse oximetry measurements
  • Defibrillator and external pacing device
  • Master clocks with synchronization to the official atomic time
  • Generator back-up for continual power supply
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Fire alarm and fire alarm system

Volunteers amenities

«BioEq» provides excellent amenities to study volunteers:

  • Large same sex wards
  • Shower rooms
  • Canteen
  • Internet
  • Parking
  • Possibility of transportation if needed.


We provide the following biosamples logistics and storage services:

  • Refrigerated storage (4ºC)
  • Low temperature storage (-20ºC, -70ºC, and -80ºC)

The site has capabilities to perform bar coding of PK samples tubes.