Advantages of participation in clinical trials

Advantages of taking part in clinical trials conducted by «BioEq»:

· A large number of trials.

· You will have the best study doctors and qualified medical staff taking care of you.

· During the screening you will have a thorough free-of-charge medical examination that will provide information about your current health.

· You will get to know new people and become a part of global community of clinical trial subjects.

· If you take part in more than three trials, you may be awarded the Honoured Volunteer status.

· You will be paid for your participation in «BioEq» trials.

· «BioEq» provides the opportunity to take part in various volunteer support programmes.

· «BioEq» and its specialists are widely experienced in conducting trials, the research centre meets all applicable standards, it is regularly inspected by regulatory authorities, and we guarantee a fast response in emergency situations.