Ethical Business Conduct

«BioEq» is committed to adhere to the highest ethical principles in all aspects of its work and conduct of clinical trials.
To consolidate these principles, the company has adopted and maintains Сode of Ethical Business Conduct, which sets standards for responsible behavior. The Code establishes the standards of appropriate behavior, which all of «BioEq» employees and business partners must abide by. It also sets out practical recommendations on how to address core ethical and legal issues.
Both the reputation and future success of «BioEq» will, to a large extent, depend upon adherence to legal requirements and the highest ethical standards.
The Code of Ethical Business Conduct is a proof of our commitment to the highest principles when carrying out our business activities.
What is more, «BioEq» has adopted Аnti-Corruption Compliance Policy. Being a successful fast growing business, «BioEq» has adopted an approach of zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption.